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One Account, Multiple Trustees

To file a document with a Trustee on Bankruptcy Documents, you must first create a filer account. Shortly after registering, a validation e-mail will arrive in your Inbox. The activation link in the e-mail will complete your account setup and you will be ready to file documents with your Trustee(s).

You only need one account to file documents with multiple Trustees. Once your account setup is completed, you will have the opportunity to register with each individual Trustee with whom you are a party-in-interest. The Trustee will review your registration request and you will receive an e-mail once your registration has been approved.

Is your Trustee not participating? Do you file documents to your Trustee using e-mail? E-mail is INSECURE and you could be putting your debtor(s) privacy at risk! Bankruptcy Documents provides strong document encryption for all participants. Tell your Trustee about Bankruptcy Documents today.

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Filing Metrics

How many documents did you send to your Trustee(s) last month, last year? With Bankruptcy Documents, you can view filing metrics from your account dashboard. Review metrics such as:

  • Average filings by day, week, month
  • Total filings by document type by month
  • More to come...