Integration With Your Case Management System

The Bankruptcy Documents Trustee client application does more than just download your documents. The Trustee client application integrates with Bankruptcy Software Specialists case management system version 7.1+ . Your documents will be downloaded directly from and your cases will be updated with the received documents. If you have document routing set up, the documents received from will be routed to the assigned user and they will be notified in the same manner as documents downloaded from CM/ECF.

Who has time to setup more document types? With you only setup your document types once! Setup document types in your case management software, and the Trustee client application will update with the appropriately flagged document types.

It's important that you only receive documents for cases which you administer. The Trustee client application will update with your active case numbers and verify the existence of a case before allowing your debtor attorney's to file the document.

Security Features

Documents like tax returns contain personal identification information about your debtors. treats all documents filed on as extremely sensitive documents. All documents are filed on using high-grade SSL connections. In addition to securing the documents during transport, also encrypts the documents upon receipt. All documents are encrypted while stored at using high-grade PGP encryption.